Electrical & Electronics Engineer (बिजली मिस्त्री) by Education

Music Enthusiast (पेटी वादक) by Passion

Music Entrepreneur (संगीत शास्त्री) by Profession

I've covered complete Northern India below Himalayas, mostly attributing it to the destiny. Born in Bihar (now Jharkhand). Brought up in Bengal (still Bengal). Education in Rajasthan (still desert). Working in NCR (still expanding). An Alumni of BITS Pilani I was initially working for Telecom sector. After a 2 year stint, I moved into an unexplored area of Physical Education in Schools and consequently to my calling, Music!


Attending concerts and shows, meeting people from various fields and experimenting has continuously helped Music grow on me and now I'm searching my life in Music. You can know more about me music through the Music Page. Apart from Music I take keen interest in writing which actually started through blogging in the year 2008. More about my  writing in the Writing section.

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